Floor Sealers 

To protect your floor, we use three different types of sealers; water based sealer, oil based and penetration based.  We can achieve a range of finishes to suit your desires and achieve a matte or a glossy mirror finish ensuring the least amount of imperfections and the highest possible level of gloss.

We suggest the below finishes based on the location and activity in which the area is used for.

Industrial finish

Being most suitable for warehouses, factories and outdoor areas.

Shiny or Semi Gloss Finish (Matte)

Most suitable for indoor areas including houses,
office spaces & 
underground car parks.


Satin Finish
Most suitable for shopping centres and airports.


Densifier Finish (Hardener)
Being premium level of concrete sealer used for indoor and outdoor homes.

We are able to provide different options for finishing levels based on your budget. 

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