& Floor restoration

The New Trend! Bringing your floors back to life...


Polished concrete is ground for exposure, grouted to fill minor cracks and surface imperfections, treated step by step to harden the surface and then polished using a series of diamond tools that gradually get finer and finer allowing the concrete surface itself to be polished.


A penetrating sealer in the final step either a matte or shiny finish of your choice to enhance the floor and help it to maintain its stain resistant properties over a long period of time.

Using our most advanced equipment and supplies including special grinding tools and industrial machinery with special diamonds and polishing pads we are able to achieve  and maintain your concrete floors using durable concrete treatment products most suitable for your type of flooring.

Your concrete floors - old or existing can undergo any transformation you desire!

Concrete is becoming one of the most sought after hard surfaces for its uniqueness, ease of maintenance, durability and affordability.

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